rjo coaching is led by Robert J. Oberleitner.

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An executive today is expected to do many things including navigating uncertainty, being adaptable, demonstrating acumen and building coalitions across many boundaries all while ensuring that employees are engaged and productive. The electronic world we live in seemingly tempts leaders to exchange self-care for being connected 24-7.

To some, it may seem that there is not enough time left to add coaching. However, coaching is a professional and personal enrichment that provides leaders with a confidential sounding board to work out challenges and efficiently move forward to results. A coach can pose the right questions to allow leaders to uncover solutions by recognizing options that had previously been overlooked. Coaching helps you identify the right doors to open that will propel your career to new heights.

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Bob Oberleitner is focused on providing executive coaching that helps leaders move through uncertainty in an agile manner and to communicate more effectively resulting in improved performance in all aspects of their career. Through coaching he facilitates leaders being able to leverage their strengths and build on the key competencies needed to achieve desired business results.

Bob has dedicated his career to helping people solve challenges through his work with, and the development of, senior executives and front-line managers. He blends more than 28 years of leadership and senior executive experience with the knowledge, skills and experience of an executive coach. As a leader he has led a wide variety of organizational projects and teams. He also has extensive experience with a remote labor force.

ICF certified and having received an executive coaching certificate from Georgetown University, Bob has worked with leaders from both the private and public sectors including members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), corporate vice presidents, executive directors, front-line supervisors and emerging leaders. He is a member of the SES and is certified in level 1 and 2 of the Hogan Assessment instrument.

In his coaching, Bob engages the whole person. It is known that a job of a leader is to manage his or her own awareness in order to facilitate the most effective functioning of the team. During the coaching conversation Bob and his clients jointly craft an individualized coaching plan after confirming the executive’s desired goals. The meetings are intentional with the objective of moving from thought to action.


  • ICF - ACC certified

  • Graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Executive Certificate program

  • Hogan Level 1 & 2 certified

  • Federal Coaches Network member and mentor coach

  • Certificate of Advanced Public Management from the Maxwell School, Syracuse University