See what past clients have to say about working with Bob.

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Bob was extremely professional, engaged, concerned, competent and interested … [his] “questioning“ approach to coaching was a brilliant way to help me to find my own answers to my challenges … Bob was extremely reliable, always on-time, and respectful of my time … I would highly recommend Bob to other professionals or students seeking a coach.
— Non-profit organization Vice President
Bob … allow[ed] me to attain solutions to issues or problems by my better understanding of the issue or the person(s) involved. This has enabled me to be more thoughtful for my resolutions of issues or in exploring ideas for innovative changes in clinical trial processes … Bob is very interactive and personable which made the coaching more productive.
— Pharmaceutical Company Executive
[Bob was] … very helpful with keeping me on track with the areas I sought support and helping me to leverage results that supported a healthy manager/employee relationship.
— Federal manager
Having Bob … hold me accountable to accomplish certain tasks on a weekly deadline was very motivational … Hearing questions and comments from an objective outside-party … challenged me to think with an open mind and see things I did not see on my own.
— VP of Communications
Bob is very easy to develop a relationship with due to his outgoing and confident personality that provides an environment [of] unencumbered conversation. He provides probing questions and takes ample time to listen and understand my responses and rationale for my decisions … he is motivated to assist a person to further develop themselves which then provides the opportunity to explore new methods for issue resolution.
— Executive Director